Non-anesthetic Dental Cleaning

Once a month, you can get non-anesthetic dental cleaning for you dogs and/or cats thanks to Healthy Smile Pet Dental.
Proper dental care is very important for your pet’s health and well being. Without regular care for your pet’s dental health, bacteria can enter the blood stream, affecting your pet’s organs and potentially shortening his or her lifespan. Regular cleanings are a proactive way to prevent serious health problems that are painful for your pet, difficult to treat and expensive. Cleanings also reduce bad breath.


Non-anesthetic dental cleaning means there is no medication, no side effects and no recovery time involved. Most pets qualify for non-anesthetic dental cleaning, including pets that are older and have various health problems. Sterile instruments are always used and we take care to look out for any more serious problems to let you know that you may need to see a veterinarian.
Teeth cleaning keeps your pet happy and healthy, and as always, we promise gentle care for every animal that visits Paws Up Pet Salon.



Our dental technicians are specially trained to perform non-anesthetic dental cleanings. The intensive training includes in depth knowledge of the oral cavity in both cats and dogs. Their training allows them to perform the procedure without the use of anesthesia, using specialized calming methods to relax the pet and proprietary holding methods with a proven track record guaranteeing amazing results.

Periodontal disease is one of the most common health concerns of pets today.

It’s estimated that 80% of adult pets today are suffering from some form of Periodontal Disease.

Plaque contains bacteria that can infect gum tissue and the roots of teeth resulting in disease and tooth loss.

In addition to the negative impact on the oral health, bacteria can enter the blood stream through large blood vessels located near the gums and teeth. This bacteria travels to the organs with the highest blood flow: the lungs, heart, kidneys, brain and the liver, causing infections that can shorten your pet’s life.